A Post to Test Adding Pictures

I’m just testing a new blogger app to see if I can make my posts prettier.
This picture is of the birthday gift that Hannah made for me.

This picture is Elijah climbing on the slide.

This picture is of my children waiting in a chair during my doctor’s appointment. Who says 5 kids take up a lot of space?

This one is of my parents, my sister holding my new niece, and my brother-in-law on Christmas eve.

Okay this should be my last post for now. I’m determined to have blogging simplified while still being nice looking. 🙂 Thanks for baring with me while I experiment.


About Anastacia Maness

Anastacia Maness is a preacher's wife, homeschooling mother of 6 blessings, and writer. When she's not busy counting her blessings she's writing about them right here on her blog, encouraging and strengthening families.

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