Mission Argentina

Welcome to our Mission Argentina page. This is where we will share our links, videos, and updates about our future move as Missionaries to Argentina.

argentina2.jpgYou can read about how we prepared for the survey trip to Argentina in our post Our Upcoming Adventure.

The Lord provided for us in so many ways and some we were even surprised by how God worked. You can read some amazing stories that only God could write in my post Unexpected Blessings.

I blogged about our Arrival in Argentina where we arrived and saw the Lord putting the pieces together for us.

We spent four weeks in Argentina and I tried to document every part of our trip and the amazing ways God worked throughout the time in my Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4 posts.

After the Survey trip we went back to the World Missions Seminar where we learned more about our next steps.

We now have a video about our desires to go to Argentina and our need for a church to send us.

Please pray as we patiently wait for God to provide the church He has prepared for us.



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