“Heaven and Nature Scrooge”

This was Elisabeth’s first Christmas. This whole week has been a grand adventure. I published my first ebook “The King’s Christmas Spider” the beginning of this week.

Christmas Eve the 4 and half hour drive to my parents took an extra hour with all the stops we had to make with one child throwing up. Hannah was sick Christmas Eve. She was also sick the day or two after Christmas. I was very glad that she seemed to be fine on Christmas Day.

During our regular bedtime prayers we all prayed that Hannah would start feeling better and that everyone would be healthy in Christmas Day. The Lord blessed and everyone felt fine.

We never rush to open gifts on Christmas morning. We ate breakfast, talked with my brother’s family on Skype, and then we all gathered to open presents.

The girls both received American Girl dolls. Joshua received a Legos Star Wars ship and an Air Soft gun. Jonathan and Elijah both received Legos and Avengers Costumes. Elisabeth received a few toys and baby bowls, spoons, and a cup.

I got my husband an Unbreakable Umbrella and an alarm clock.

My sweet husband bought me a ukulele and a necklace.


We watched several versions of The Christmas Carol during the course of our Christmas celebrating. Every year there seems to be some major misquoting of Christmas songs.
I believe it was last year that Hannah kept singing “I wish Miss Merry Christmas. I wish Miss Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!”

This year it’s Jonathan and Elijah that have new words for “Joy to the World”. I guess they decided Ebenezer Scrooge needed his own Christmas carol.

They have been going around singing “Heaven and Nature Scrooge…and Heaven and Nature Scrooge.”

I guess “Heaven and Nature” sung at the right tempo sounds a little like “Ebenezer”.


It makes me wonder what song will be mis-sung next year.

I should start recording some of these songs the kids sing. It’s fun for the kids to listen to themselves from when they were little.

I really enjoyed writing a book with my children for Christmas this year. I’ll probably make writing a book and showcasing my children’s art as a regular Christmas tradition. I also have a book that my husband plans to help illustrate for next year.
It’s been a good week. I have really enjoyed visiting with my family. Hopefully all illnesses are over.

How was your Christmas? I would love to hear what you did that was special this year.

There are only 3 days left in 2012. I’m going to try to blog at least two more times before the year is up.