How to Baby Proof Your Kitchen in 8 “Easy” Steps

You may remember a recent post I did on How to Maintain a Clean Kitchen in 6 “Easy” Steps. Well, the more mobile your youngest becomes your methods sometimes have to adjust. Especially when your oldest young’ns are away.

I now present you with my latest method of baby proofing the kitchen with less helpers.

Are you ready?

Step 1: Hold your baby out in front of you. Take a good look at her. Pay close attention to her size. Smile real big and coo before continuing on to Step 2.


Step 2: Position your baby on your hip and hold her with one arm. Grab a broom with the other.

Step 3: Sweep a spot on the floor at least two baby lengths square. (May need 3 baby lengths if your baby is a fast crawler.)


Step 4: Keeping broom in close reach set baby down on the floor.


Step 5: Quick! Grab broom. Immediately start sweeping the area your baby heads toward.

Step 6: Throw a pan lid and spoon in her path to slow her down a bit.

(WARNING: Pan lid and spoon are no match for the Cheerios clear across the floor in keeping your baby’s attention.)

20130221-233757.jpg(But having a big brother with a matching lid and spoon helps.)

Step 7: Grab dust pan. Sweep it all into dust pan before baby sees the dust pan. (Dust pans are even more attractive than Cheerios!)

Step 8: When baby gets fussy because you took all the “fun” stuff away give her a nice big carrot to teeth on.

How about you? Do you have any great baby proofing tips you’ve learned along the way? Please share them with us in the comments.

I have so many things to write about. The hard part is deciding what to write about first. I’m also contemplating a few book ideas. Be watching for more on that.

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Little Miss Fussy’s First Tooth

Elisabeth has been a bit fussy the past few days. She seemed to get mad at the oddest things.

I thought the reason was her tummy. I started giving her some rice cereal, an occasional banana, crackers, and last night she had her first taste of avocado. Delicious!

I know this picture doesn’t look like the face of a fussy baby.

She isn’t fussy all the time but she does want to be held constantly.

She cried the whole drive to karate class.

Okay, maybe not the entire time. She did stop crying for a moment to chew on her daddy’s knuckle. I was driving. He replaced his knuckle for a doll and she was content for a few seconds chewing on the tag.

We arrived at karate class and she was still crying. Normally she can be distracted with a friend so I can participate.

I thought that I was prepared for her fussiness. I brought a sippy cup of water and crackers.

Hopefully once her teeth are in she’ll be her normal cheerful self again.

Meanwhile I’ll sit here with her and enjoy the fact that her problems are so easily solved by my holding her.

Just knowing that someone that loves her is nearby makes her feel better.

Were you surprised by your baby’s fist teeth? What are some ways you have found to soothe a fussy baby?