Mission Argentina in God’s Time

Many people have been asking us about our plans for Argentina.

Are we still going? Yes, we still feel that is where God is leading us.

My husband, Scott, has put together this video about our plans.

If you are reading this by email  and can’t see the video you can click on the link to watch it on our Rock Solid Family site or on YouTube.

We are still planning to go to Argentina and are patiently waiting for a church to send us.

I have added a Mission Argentina page on the menu of our site where I list all of our Argentina posts thus far and will post updates for anyone that is wanting to read more.

God already knows who our sending Church will be. Now we are waiting patiently for His timing.

Will you pray with us? 

As always we would love to hear from you. Please share any questions you have in the comments or you can reply by email.