Back Online!

I’m finally back online again. We have finally moved into our new home. We still have a few things that we need to pick up from our previous home, but for the most part we’re here now. Our kids really like it here. We have been a lot more organized. It’s nice not to be constantly driving on the weekends. We are now able to settle down and start a routine of sorts.

At this point, we have been trying to get the house organized. I’ve been giving Joshua and Ruth worksheets to complete and writing assignments. I have been giving Hannah little assignments as well. She wants to do everything the other two are doing. Scott has gotten their computers set up. When I first started homeschooling the children, I never dreamed that one day we would have 5 computers. Scott spent quite a bit of last week getting 2 of those computers set up for the children.

Alas, it is very late. I must go to bed for now. But I did want to give a little update to let everyone know that we’re back online. I’ll be able to update more often as we get going. I’ll try to add pictures soon as well. So keep checking back!