Elijah’s 3rd Birthday!!!

Monday morning, I checked my messages as part of my normal morning routine. Someone had mentioned that Sunday was St. Patrick’s day. Okay, I missed that. However that post jogged my memory. I immediately sent my husband a text message that read, “Tomorrow is Elijah’s birthday!!!!!!!!!! I forgot!!!” Elijah

Yes, I know. I forgot my son’s 3rd birthday until the day before. If it had not been for that post about St. Patricks’ day I would have probably forgotten it all together until the day after. But that is the beauty of being 3. He didn’t know it was his birthday either. At least until I announced it was the next day on Monday morning. Then he was really excited.

Monday night as we got the kids to bed I gave Elijah his last 2 year old hug. That is a fun tradition we have on Birthday Eves. We give them their last hug for that year of life and the next morning we give them their first hug for the new birth year.

I wanted to write a blog post but had been having problems with my blog not posting to Facebook properly. Monday evening, I showed my tech savvy husband all of my blog problems. He came to my rescue and found the root of my problem.Elijah gifts

It was in the beautiful theme I had picked out. He changed it to a simple theme for me. He didn’t have time to fix it much. He has to get up early for work in the mornings. So I thanked him for his help.

But then I made a mistake… I looked at my blog.

I should have waited until morning but I didn’t, I had to fix it right then. I stayed up until 3 a.m. on Elijah’s birthday trying to figure out what the best, most practical yet most beautiful theme for my blog would be. I looked through a lot of themes.

Did I find one? No. But I decided I would work on that later. So I left my poor ugly blog like it was and went on to bed. That was the beginning of Elijah’s birthday. I was determined I wasn’t going to let an ugly blog worry me anymore that day.

Monday morning, I couldn’t remember my husband leaving for work. It’s my normal habit to wake up and tell him good bye before he leaves. Sometimes we may even have a little time to chat a bit before he has to rush out the door.

But not Monday morning. I woke up once when my older daughter, Ruth brought me Elisabeth. Then I fell asleep for a little bit and woke up to a phone ring. No they didn’t call too early. I slept too late. But there was a problem on the farm my son works as an apprentice and they were wondering if they could pick both Joshua and Ruth up to help them deworm goats. I was fine with that.

I immediately started making plans for the rest of Elijah’s day. Here is how my imagined day looked.

  1. Record a video of Elijah talking on his 3rd birthday.
  2. Decorate Birthday eggs. We had been given an Easter egg kit but we don’t celebrate Resurrection Sunday with Easter eggs nor Easter bunnies. Why is another blog post in itself.
  3. Bake a birthday cake. Elijah had picked Chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I even planned to let him help ice it.
  4. Scott gets off work, picks up some toys for presents, and picks up the kids from their work. Then we eat cake.
  5. We go to the Library and check out books
  6. We go to a restaurant and have burgers and ice cream.

So that was my original plan. Anyone that knows me will realize that I hardly have any of my plans go as planned.

I am a firm believer in the verse that says.

 “For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.” James 4:15

Because if I don’t say that I’d be in trouble. My plans rarely work out.

Here is how the day actually went. I came into the kitchen once all the younger kids woke up.


  1. I got the video recorded after about 10 takes of him being goofy. He finally answered my questions while riding on the top of the chair like it were a horse. I posted the video on YouTube. —> Elijah’s 3rd Birthday Interview
  2. Went to the refrigerator… No eggs!
  3. I couldn’t bake a cake without eggs. So I thought we might go to the store.
  4. No time to go to the store before Scott got off work. So I texted him to pick up eggs and snack cakes to cover for the lack of my not having baked a cake.
  5. The library closed at 6. My husband had only been home 30 minutes.
  6. We did go out for burgers!

We ate the snack cakes and gave Elijah his present first but we did go to the restaurant.Birthday Crowns

Elijah was very proud of himself. He went up into the play place without any fear and came down announcing “I did it! I did it!” All the pictures I took of him in the play place were blurry.  But we had a great time and they were able to have refills on the slushees.

That night everyone was ready for bed… Except me.

I wanted to blog about all the deep and wonderful thoughts I had going around in my mind. I ended the night typing and looking at my screen as it blurred from my eyes crossing. Then I decided at 3 a.m. it was time for bed and my blog could wait.

And is this the blog post I wrote in the middle of the night? No. I just now typed this in about 30 minutes after accomplishing the one task I was determined to conquer. I had everyone to bed before 10 so I could sit here and type a quick 15 minute blog post. Yes it took 30 minutes but I feel really good about it right now. I am going to bed early tonight!

How about you? Have you ever had all your plans for a day unravel right before your eyes? Do you wing “plan B” when you get to it? Or are you well prepared before hand?

I’d love for you to share you experiences with me in the comments. Maybe you have some advice that might help me get my plans better laid out.

If you are one of my subscribers and are reading this in your email you can just hit reply. I’d like hearing from you that way as well.



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Anastacia Maness is a preacher's wife, homeschooling mother of 6 blessings, and writer. When she's not busy counting her blessings she's writing about them right here on her blog, encouraging and strengthening families.

7 Replies to “Elijah’s 3rd Birthday!!!”

  1. Lotta Wanner

    Thank you Anastacia! Plan B happens to me all the time. So good to hear someone else is om the same planet. The only advice I can give is; just be happy about life anyway, and it is so warm to see you ARE.

  2. Jennifer

    I live in Plan B! That’s where the greatest memories are forged. ..or so I tell myself.. I would offer sage advice like a calendar app, but too many times I had the volume turned down, or my phone would crash, or I’d just ignore it in the rush of life. So, for every plan B there is a reason, you wrote an awesome blog post-the memory of the day has been shared and savored by others.

    • Anastacia Maness

      Thanks, Jennifer!
      My husband (because of this incident and another forgotten appointment this week–post on that coming soon) just installed a new calendar app on my iPhone.

      Now if I can just remember to use it. ;-D

  3. Katina Vaselopulos

    Anastacia, I am tired just reading your post but also because at least four days of my week turn out the same way.
    Some times I laugh with Life; sometimes, Life laughs with me! Crying also works out for me! It cleanses my eyes and clears my vision! So, we, Life and I, get even and move on!
    Happy birthday to the little one…many, many more!

    • Anastacia Maness

      That’s great, Katina that you are able to laugh with life. I love how you worded it!

      I often feel much better after either a good laugh or a good cry. Whichever the situation deserves.

      Thanks for sharing!

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