Jonathan’s 6th Birthday

We called Jonathan to our room the day before his birthday. 

“What kind of cake do you want for your birthday?” Daddy asked.

“A German Chocolate Cake with a pickle on top!” Jonathan replied without hesitation. 

“A pickle?” I had to ask. “Do you want a real pickle on top or a picture of a pickle?”

“A picture of a pickle.” Then he thought a little bit about it. “You know instead of a German Chocolate Cake, I want a Russian cake with an alligator and a number 6 candle on top.”


Jonathan with his 6th Birthday Cake.

We have a tradition with our children that they get to pick their birthday cake. With six kids, I try to reserve big parties for highlight years. This way I don’t have to figure out whose turn it is to get a party. Besides we have our own portable party with 6 kids.

“I don’t know how to make a Russian cake. Would it be okay if Daddy just wrote ‘Happy Birthday’ in Russian on the top?” 

“Yes. That would be fine.” He said very matter of factly.

“What kind of toys would you like?” Daddy then asked.

“Well.” Jonathan replied, “You see… It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you what kind of presents I want. And well, it wouldn’t be any fun without a surprise. So that’s why I can’t tell you because it wouldn’t be a surprise!”

So Scott and I set out to surprise our Jonathan.

This is the perfect example of his big 6 year old personality. He has a lot of energy and is a very affectionate young man that loves wrestling and hugs.

siblings He was born the biggest of my babies at 11 lbs. 4 oz. That is why I call him my Little Giant. He can be rough and tough at times. We can picture him being a security guard. He also has a super big heart that might surprise you what he understands and feels. That is my Little Giant. chewtoy

Isn’t it amazing how different every child can be? Do you ever stop and appreciate the uniqueness of each of your children? Go ahead and brag about your kids in the comments. Any comments directed toward Jonathan I will read to him. 🙂 

Even though I am not including this in my 31 Day Building Commitment series, I still feel it goes along with commitment. We need to take the time to recognize each family member’s uniqueness. 

This week is interesting as we only have the younger 3 children for a few days. That is why I took so long to get this written. Whenever the older siblings are gone the younger ones have troubles figuring out how to entertain themselves which leaves me with a small window of time to write. I will be continuing to blog but it may be a touch sporadic this week. I’m sure I’ll have interesting things to share. 

Thanks for following!

~~ Anastacia ~~



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