Nobody Knows Noses?

Yesterday, Jonathan learned a new game. We ask him, “Where’s Ruth’s nose?” and he will go over to Ruth and point to her nose. Then we ask him, “Where’s Joshua’s nose?” and he will point to Joshua’s nose. Then after being asked he will point to Hannah’s nose, my nose, Daddy’s nose. He will even point to his nose.

This would be a more age appropriate lesson for Ruth to teach Jonathan, instead of trying to get him to learn his numbers. I’m looking forward to him saying, “Nose” when we ask him. Right now he is just content to point.

He did say, “Mama,” for Banana yesterday. The “a” is the short sound not the normal sound you would use for mama. So he is beginning to say some real words.

I got in an order of new math books yesterday, that I am very excited about. They are called “Practical Mathmatics” by Strayer-Upton. It is a Three book series covering 3rd through 8th grade. Now when I say 8th grade this is back in the days when you learned a lot by the time you were in the 8th grade. This set of books were first copyrighted in 1928. These are wonderful text books to have and I will be able to reuse them with Hannah and Jonathan. I only ordered one set for Joshua and Ruth to share, but I plan on buying another set. They are that good. They don’t have a lot of fancy bells and whistles. They are simply practical, which I like. I plan to start them from the first book on Monday. If you are homeschooling or know someone who is, these are an excellent set to look into.

This is the website where I ordered the Math books.


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