Two More Weeks

I love this picture of Scott in Thailand.  It was taken in Thailand and posted on the Mission’s facebook page.  Scott is holding his e-reader and I’m sure he is showing the gentleman some of the pictures he has of our family. 

I received an e’mail from him and they are doing well.  They are in the village teaching about 600 children.  There is a computer lab in the school where he is able to send me brief e’mails as time permits.  It sounds like they have been keeping pretty busy. 

I let the kids play with water guns yesterday.  Ruth did not have a water gun so we let her use the water hose.  That did not seem fair to Joshua at first but after I explained it to him, he agreed and had a great time. 
This is a video of Elijah.  He is almost rolling over.  He can roll to his side but hasn’t quite gotten all the way over to his stomache yet.  I try to let him have some floor time each day.  It’s hard with the kids running by, but no one has gotten hurt yet.  You can see that he likes having a little freedom to stretch out and roll around.
I imagine by the time Scott gets back, Elijah will be rolling all the way over.  A baby can learn a lot in 3 weeks.    I was hoping to have him saying “Dada” by then but he’s not acting too interested in repeating specific words.  He likes to make his own sounds.
Tomorrow the kids and I will be heading out toward Michigan.  We should be all packed tonight and have the windshield wipers replaced before we leave out tomorrow.  I don’t know how far we will get the first day.  We will probably stop at a hotel along the route.  Stopping at a hotel to get a room will be a first for me.  Scott has always been the one to talk to the receptionists. 
I’m not sure whether I will be stopping at a hotel with internet access or not.  If I do I will try to post another blog then.  Thanks for all the prayers for both Scott and our family.  I am looking forward to two weeks from today when we shall be back together as a family again.

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