When I grow up…

Today, Hannah and I were having another one of our detailed conversation about what people like to do. I can’t remember everything we talked about, but she asked me if Papa and Nana liked to do something like walk. I told her they both liked whatever it was she was asking about. She said, “I want to be Papa when I grow up.”
I told her, “Nana likes that, too, why don’t you want to be Nana?”
Her reply was, “But I never got to be a boy before!”

I then tried to explain the advantages she had being a girl. “I thought you wanted to be a Mommy with milk when you gr0w up.”

She said, “I do, but I want to be a boy first and then be a Mommy with milk!”

She was sure she found the perfect solution. I think she thinks being a boy is as simple as a haircut. So I tell her, “How about if we give you a hair trim so that your hair still looks like a pretty girl’s hair and then paint your finger nails. Boys don’t get to paint their fingernails.”

To which she responds, “Ok, I’ll be a girl then. Can we paint Jonathan’s fingernails, too?”

That girl could make a good lawyer.

When Ruth was her age, she wanted to be a Princess. It’s neat seeing all four of their different personalities. It definitely keeps life interesting.

And thanks to big brother, little Jonathan doesn’t have pink finger nails like his sister right now.


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