Dog Ears

This morning Hannah showed me her doll and told me that it was a boy doll. I told her that I thought it was a girl doll because of her dog ears. Hannah said that it was a boy with dog ears. Which I told her that boys don’t wear dog ears. She then informed me that dogs are boys. I, of course corrected her by telling her that some dogs were girls, too. At that moment I didn’t catch the logic she was actually trying to impart to me.

She told me, “Well, Ms. Lauwa has a horse and it’s a boy, and it has dog ears. Well, actually it has horsey ears, but it looks like doggy ears.”

Then I understood her meaning. Since boy dogs have dog ears, why can’t boy people have dog ears too? I’m not sure how that argument would hold up in a Logic and Argumentation class in Seminary but it works for her. It’s hard to argue with a 3 year old.