When You Need Comfort the Most

The other day I had a blog idea in my mind and I was planning to write about today. I thought since I didn’t know what the Five Minute Friday‘s word would be today I’d write what was going on in my head and only link up if there word happened to go along with it.

Well, guess what… It did.

As soon as I saw today’s word I decided I was going to go ahead and write those thoughts down in Five Minutes today.

So here are my 5 minute thoughts on the word: Comfort

GOJonathan hug

Nobody likes pain. Life is not always comfortable though. It’s during those times that we hurt that we can feel comfort the most. If you fall down and skin your knee that is the time you want your mother’s hug the most. It’s amazing how just a simple thing can make a child feel all better.

It’s the same when we read our Bibles or hear a really gut wrenching sermon. Our lives may be messed up in an area. It hurts to hear we’ve been messing up. But that’s when we can feel our Savior’s love for us all the more. The comfort that He can give a fallen child is far above all the pain we endure having the medicine applied.

After the medicine is applied to our swollen knee all we need is a parent’s hug. After we allow God to apply the medicine of His word on our hearts, that’s when we can feel his arms wrapped around us.


Have you ever had a time where you felt comforted after you were hurt? Please share with me in the comments below.

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Anastacia Maness is a preacher's wife, homeschooling mother of 6 blessings, and writer. When she's not busy counting her blessings she's writing about them right here on her blog, encouraging and strengthening families.

6 Replies to “When You Need Comfort the Most”

  1. Shannon Cochran

    Lovely thoughts, Anastacia. True, true. Contrast enables us to see. When we’re talking about pain, we don’t just see–we perceive. When pain we experience–suffering–it enables us to feel comforted by God’s mercy.

    To answer your question, yes. I’ve experienced God’s comfort many, many times. I shared one of my miscarriage stories on my FMF post today. A story that testifies, agrees with what you just wrote: apply God’s medicine from His word. God’s word works! 🙂

  2. Vanessa@cashcowcouple.com

    This was a very wise post! I can’t believe you wrote it in 5 minutes without editing it. So insightful. 🙂

    • Anastacia Maness

      Thanks, Vanessa! It helped that I had been thinking about posting on a similar subject. So I can’t say it wasn’t somewhat thought out. 🙂 I’m just surprised I was able to say it in 5 minutes.


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