God’s Provisions

Scott made it home safe and sound.  The kids surprised me and were fairly easy to get up.  I however only got an hour of sleep that night.  But I managed to get up and get the kids out the door.  The kids were all pretty excited.  Hannah kept telling Scott about the bugs we bought for him to eat.  Of course, he didn’t really understand what she was talking about until we got home and offered him some gummy bugs that they found at the store.  We didn’t want him to miss Thailand too much. 
The picture above is Scott holding Elijah wrapped in a cloth Scott had given me.  When I nurse Elijah in public I needed a good breathable cloth to cover with.  Scott found a cloth for me.  The people there have multiple uses for it.  Elijah enjoyed being swaddled in it. 
The rest of the pictures are of Scott and the kids eating the gummy bugs we bought for him.   The kids are all gathered around on a blanket pretending to be in Thailand.  After seeing all the pictures of the people there sitting on mats on the ground they wanted to pretend to be there.  So they are coloring in the coloring books Scott bought them from Thailand and sitting on a makeshift mat.  They were using their new Thai pillows for desks. 
Scott said that these gummy bugs tasted much better than real bugs.  We all had fun watching his pictures and videos.  I’m glad that he went and that the team he went with were so good with the people there.  I hope that their will be much fruit for their labor there.  It was good to know that the missionaries there now have an open invitation to return. 
Scott is finally starting to get over his jet lag.  At noon he has been wanting to sleep and at midnight he wanted lunch.  But today he decided to go out and get some coffee at a local cafe.  He also drove to the post office to check our mail.  He returned late in the morning all hot and sweaty.  He had to walk home from the post office.  The ignition switch in our van wasn’t working.   He first walked to the Dollar store to get some WD-40, but that didn’t work so he walked home.  About halfway home someone that knew him offered him a ride.  He then did some calling around for the price of ignition switches.  He decided he would go try it again.  He went out to walk the 3 or 4 miles to the post office again.  Thankfully he was able to get it to crank and drove it home.  He thinks it will be okay for a while but he wants to get a new ignition switch soon.  I told Scott at least all the things we have to replace on our vehicles are still better than a car payment.  Let’s see this month we’ve had to buy 3 windshield wipers, a new tire, a new brace for the back door of the van, and now we will be getting a new ignition switch.
Tomorrow we will be going to visit my sister and her husband.  We will be looking at buying a car to replace the one that had to be scrapped after an accident Scott had the week before he left.     We should be able to have the car paid for in full in just a few weeks.  We prefer to buy good running older cars for less and spend the money that would have been car payments on fixing them up.  It seems to work for us anyway and so far God has blessed us with being able to find good prices on parts most of the time. 
I know that is the question a lot of people have is how can we afford five kids.  It’s only by God’s grace that we do.  We depend on Him for our needs.  So far with each new addition we’ve made to our family God has provided in many ways that is hard to explain.  We try not to live over our means and find good prices whenever possible.  It’s amazing how many times God has provided for our needs and even some of our wants.  He is truly awesome!
Php 4:19-20 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (20) Now unto God and our Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen.



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