Great, Grandparents

We took a couple of days of spring break and got to visit with all of my grandparents. I took some really good pictures of the kids with them. This first picture is of the kids with Daddy Jim, my maternal grandfather. I got to hear about an owl he and his brothers kept as a pet when they were kids. I guess they used to get to keep the animals they would catch as boys. All I know is his mother had to be pretty patient.

This second picture is of the kids with Memaw, my maternal grandmother. I have so many good memories over at Memaw and Daddy Jim’s house. I remember going there and playing with my cousins when I was little. I remember singing in their family room when we were teenagers. Daddy Jim sang bass and Memaw sang Alto. That was how I learned to sing harmony listening to my family singing the different parts. We had a lot of fun singing different hymns in that small family room.

This third picture is of Mamaw, my paternal grandmother with the kids. She still works in her garden and helps my dad and his brothers with construction work on my dad’s house. Seeing my daughters’ rose bush always makes me think of Mamaw’s roses.

This is a picture of Papaw, my late paternal grandfather. This, the latest picture I have of him was taken after the birth of Jonathan in 2007. I felt like I should put his picture in here as well, since he was a great grandfather too.

My grandparents are all such a wonderful blessing. I appreciate how they raised my parents to love the Lord and to walk in his ways. It was by their examples that my parents were able to raise me and my brother and sister to do the same. Now it is a wonderful thing to see my own children wanting to follow the Lord as well. That’s how it is suppose to be though, one generation teaching the next generations to do what is right.

Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.
(Proverbs 17:6)


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