On the Road Again

We arrived in Michigan Friday evening.  We had a good visit with the family.  There was a lot of Construction in Illinois and in Michigan.  We arrived and unpacked most of our things.  I had Jonathan and Elijah sleep in the room with me while Joshua, Ruth, and Hannah slept in the livingroom.  The older two slept on cots, and Hannah slept on the couch.

Saturday, we went fishing on a pontoon that belonged to Scott’s, mother’s, husband’s, brother.  I guess that would be Scott’s mother’s brother-in-law.  Anyway, we went on the boat and everyone caught a fish.  Even Jonathan caught a fish. 

Saturday night, I asked Scott’s mom, Judy,  if there was a church that she would like to visit.  Normally we always go to the church Scott was saved and grew up in.  This time we went to the church she went to when she was a girl.  It was a cute little church building in the country.  I was amazed at how many people went to that little church.  They had a lot of cute little children as well.  There were several people there that were friends with Judy’s family.  Some she remembered from when she was a girl.  I even saw Scott’s uncle Howard there.  He is very nice.  I found out that he has been helping the Amish in their part of Michigan.  I think that is pretty neat.

Monday, we went to a Museum called the Kalamazoo Air Zoo.  There were a lot of rides there.  One section had air planes and another building had an outerspace exhibit.  It was pretty neat and the kids were able to ride a lot of neat rides.  I’ll have to post more about that when I have more time.

Then Tuesday we stayed at Judy’s home and enjoyed visits from several of Scott’s family.  His Aunt Vicky and Cousin Nancy came that morning and then around lunch time we enjoyed a visit from his Aunt Beverly and Aunt Shelby.  Joshua enjoyed playing with Aunt Shelby’s grandson Joey.  

Then today, we loaded up the van and headed out around Noon.  If we were able to drive the whole way without any stops we could have been back by 5 a.m. or so.  The kids were real excited about that, and even said they wouldn’t ask to go to the bathroom for the whole trip if we could get back to Texas in one day.  But I knew that wouldn’t last long.  Right now we are in Illinois and will probably make it through to Arkansas tomorrow. 

Ruth’s birthday is Saturday and she is really not wanting to be on the road on her birthday.  So I’m going to try to make good time tomorrow and hopefully stop around 9 p.m. tomorrow night.  I’m tired and will need to get some good sleep tonight. 

Scott called me today and he told me that this has been a really productive trip.  He is amazed at all the ministry he has been able to help with on this trip and the response of the people to their team.  I have not had internet the whole time I was in Michigan and had been wondering about how he was doing.  It was so good to hear his voice.

Friday, I am hoping to make it to my parents by Friday.  On Saturday, we will celebrate Ruth’s birthday, and then Sunday I am looking forward to hearing my Dad preach again, and then Sunday or Monday I hope to head home and get the house in order for Scott’s arrival on Tuesday. 

The above pictures were taken as we were headed toward Michigan.  The one of me was taken by Hannah.  The other two pictures were taken at Boomland which is one of our favorite stops on our way to Michigan.  We had stopped for a restroom break and I let Jonathan and Hannah ride one of the kiddy rides. 

I’m so glad to be able to be online again. Tomorrow, I will try to post some more pictures from our trip.


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