"One day when you get little…"

This afternoon as we were eating lunch we had a family discussion around the table about fixing cars and how Daddy was teaching Joshua to fix brakes.

Hannah asked, “Daddy, will you teach me to fix cars?”

Scott assured her that when she gets a little bigger he’ll teach her. Then Jonathan had the same question. And Scott told him that he’ll teach him too.

Then we got to discussing how that when Jonathan is 13, Joshua will be 23.

We started imagining Jonathan calling Joshua up one day,”Hey, Joshua! Can you help me figure out this transmission?”

Joshua might reply,”Sure! I’ll stop by right after work.”

Then Scott turned it around and said, “I can even see Joshua calling Jonathan one day, and asking him for advice on building a tractor.”

The kids found that was a bit of a jump for their imaginations. They were trying to imagine 4 year old Jonathan growing up and giving Joshua advice.

Joshua looked at Jonathan across the table and asked him,”So Jonathan, how would you fix a tractor?”

Jonathan just looked very seriously up at Joshua and with the most grown up air replied, “One day, when you get little, I’ll show you how to fix tractors.”

We all had a good laugh, even though Jonathan was quite serious.
I explained to the children that they all had their strengths and weaknesses, and that one day when they are older, that even the younger may have things they can teach their older siblings.

There is an interesting lesson that we can learn from Jonathan. Maybe Joshua would need to become figuratively little in order to learn from a brother that is 10 years his junior. It would require him to be humble enough to admit that he doesn’t know something that his little brother knows.

Maybe that is part of what Jesus was talking about in Matthew 18:4. “Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

We need to be willing to admit that we don’t know it all and turn to God for help.

Heavenly Father, help us all be little again.


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