Working on Organization

This week we have been working hard to get our house organized. We moved Elijah into the smaller bedroom with his brothers. We will be getting him a toddler bed soon and I wanted to get him used to the change of room before we change his bed.

In order to make it all work both the boys’ and girls’ rooms needed major work. There were clothes all over their floors. This hasn’t been a new problem. In fact I’ve had to go through their clothes fairly often. I decided we needed to go through them again and see if we could get a handle on the problem.

Elijah loves it when I try to organize clothes. Piles of clothes are mountains of fun to him.

We started off with sheets and blankets. I even had them take the sheets off their beds. I put those in piles. Twin size sheets and pillow cases in one pile, baby bed sheets in another pile, towels that somehow got into the mix in another pile and crochet blankets and quilts in yet another pile. I then got a basket and had them put their favorite set of sheets in it. I started that load to wash.

Then I had them pick out their favorite blankets. Once we put the first load in the dryer, we started a load of blankets washing. I had them pick out a second set of sheets each and the rest will be either given away or stored in another location. (If anyone needs sheets let me know soon.) 🙂 We had sheets and blankets washing all day.

After getting that major work done, I had the kids take a break to work on their lessons.

The next day we started gathering the clothes off their floors. I’m still working on getting that organized. I have to figure out what fits them and what doesn’t. I’m automatically throwing away clothes that have holes. I hope to get done with this task before Spring Break next week.

I want to share a couple of cute pictures from the past week or two. In the one above, Elijah had fallen asleep while playing in a small box. I took a quick picture before rescuing him from his cozy quarters and laying him in his bed.

And this next picture, I took after karate class last week. Hannah is wearing her new green belt and Elijah is trying out a black belt that belongs to one of the students in our adult class. Elijah liked the belt so much that he almost wouldn’t part with it. 🙂 Maybe one day, he’ll earn one of his own that will fit him a little better.

Now to get back to work organizing. Maybe next week, I’ll be able to post pictures of nice, neat rooms.


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