Little Miss Fussy’s First Tooth

Elisabeth has been a bit fussy the past few days. She seemed to get mad at the oddest things.

I thought the reason was her tummy. I started giving her some rice cereal, an occasional banana, crackers, and last night she had her first taste of avocado. Delicious!

I know this picture doesn’t look like the face of a fussy baby.

She isn’t fussy all the time but she does want to be held constantly.

She cried the whole drive to karate class.

Okay, maybe not the entire time. She did stop crying for a moment to chew on her daddy’s knuckle. I was driving. He replaced his knuckle for a doll and she was content for a few seconds chewing on the tag.

We arrived at karate class and she was still crying. Normally she can be distracted with a friend so I can participate.

I thought that I was prepared for her fussiness. I brought a sippy cup of water and crackers.

Hopefully once her teeth are in she’ll be her normal cheerful self again.

Meanwhile I’ll sit here with her and enjoy the fact that her problems are so easily solved by my holding her.

Just knowing that someone that loves her is nearby makes her feel better.

Were you surprised by your baby’s fist teeth? What are some ways you have found to soothe a fussy baby?


No Pictures…

Now I need to catch everyone up since my last blog. Jonathan now has 4 teeth. His fourth tooth which is his other top front tooth, came in last Friday evening. Now we’re just waiting to see which tooth will come in next. I’m not sure yet whether it will be a top or a bottom tooth next time. So stayed tuned for more on his teeth.

My Papaw died last Friday morning. My mother called me around 8:00 or so to let us know that he had passed away at 7:20 a.m. I called Scott to tell him. Then when the older two kids woke up before their sister, I told them. Joshua’s number one question when he hears that someone has died is whether or not they were saved. Thankfully, I knew for sure that my Grandfather was saved. This made my son feel better, and he said well at least he was saved, that’s good.

When Hannah woke up that morning, I knew I would need to be careful in how I explained it to her. I had asked her if she remembered how Papaw was in the hospital. She did. She always asks about shots, when we talk about because she attributes hospitals with shots. (She is actually thinking of the Doctor’s office where she has seen Jonathan getting vaccinated.) I explained that Papaw had had some problems with his heart. She might have understood some of that. But then I told her that Papaw had died. She just looked at me blankly. I told her that he went to heaven. That was interesting to her, she asked me if we would go to ___ (name of town where we are moving too, left blank for anonimity.) I realized that she just thought that heaven was just another city or state. Like Texas, Michigan, Florida, California, or even another country like France. So I then explained, “No sweety, Papaw is in Heaven and he gets to see Jesus.” That put a big smile on her face. I knew what was coming though. “I want to see Jesus!”

So I explained that one day many, many years from now, she will get to see Jesus. Then I told her, “But do you know what Jesus wants you to do right now?” She looked at me with anticipation. “He wants you to be happy, and do what he says to do, obey me and daddy, and when you get old enough to feel bad about the bad things you do, he will want you to be saved. Then once you are saved you will have Jesus in your heart, too. And when you get older and Jesus is ready for you, you’ll get to see Jesus, too.” She was fine with that explanation, even though I’m not sure how much she actually retained. I do know that she is excited about the fact that Papaw gets to see Jesus, and one day she will, too.

I think the only thing I regret, is that I did not take more pictures of Papaw and Mamaw with our kids. We’ve been to their house many times, we’ve had real enjoyable visits, but I never thought to bring a camera. I don’t have pictures of Papaw taking his teeth out for the kids. Nor a picture of them caught in the bear trap, or running from the claw. I do have those memories in my head but they are not in print. I am now determined to take more pictures and to not let those memories just be my memories. I want to be able to pass my memories on to my children as well. So I’m determined to record my memories. I want to record the memories from my childhood and stories that I remember my parents telling me of their childhoods. I also want to record my memories of my grandparents, Parents, Aunts, and Uncles. I want my children to remember our past. Because we can learn from our past, and which will help us shape our future.

My oldest daughter, Ruth just celebrated her 8th birthday this week. I took her and her siblings to a museum. They are getting older now and are actually interested in things that had happened in the past. I still have a little trouble with Hannah, since her attention span is short and her energy level is high. Thankfully she didn’t mess with much, and she did sit down for any videos that was available to watch. So I just took the kids through the museum section by section and let them watch the videos, and read the signs that were about different specific items that they wanted to know about. It was very interesting.

Next week is Church Camp. I have been working hard on my camp lessons and since my class size may be more than doubled, I am going to plan to teach at least 50 kids, just in case.

I may not get another chance to post until after camp, however I’ll try to post some pictures when we get back.


Tooth Number 3!

Jonathan’s 3rd tooth has just come in. It is his top right front incissor. I thought it would come at any time. He had been a bit fussier than usual, and last night he kept whining in his sleep. It was hard for me not worry over him, but since he continued to sleep, I just went back to bed. This morning, he was extra fussy and so I decided to check his teeth. Sure enough it was there peeking through his gums. Ahh!! 3 teeth down and many more to come.

So far I haven’t had any trouble nursing him. He has been pretty good about not biting me. Hopefully this will continue now that he has a top tooth. I’m pretty sure his fourth one is real soon to follow. Three teeth with at least 4 more months of nursing to go. I think we can make it.

It’s hard to believe he will be a year old in 4 months. This has been a fast year so far. I guess, there has been so much going on that it has just flown by. This will be a busy month as well with Saturdays filling up with activities, Ruth’s birthday coming up, and Church Camp. I will try to get in some blogging during it all but if I lag behind this month, I may just be busy. I definitely won’t be able to blog during camp. I should be able to blog next week though. So please don’t give up on me. 🙂


Like Mother, Like Son… Ouch, Painful lesson!

My brother and sister would probably remember the stories my dad used to tell of me and my stubborness as a young child. A few days ago, I was reminded of one of these stories through my youngest child.

My father used to tell how mad I would get when they would put me to bed as a baby. He said that one time, I got so mad that I bit myself. Then I was so mad that it hurt, I bit myself again.

Well, my son only bit himself once but it must have been hard enough for him not to want to do it again. The picture above is the perfect tooth marks of his only two teeth in his hand. At first I wasn’t sure what had happened to his hand. I saw the sore on it and thought it was too big for a spider. Then after taking a closer look, I realized that the two marks were the exact position of his bottom two teeth. The reason there are not a matching set above is that he only has the bottom two. So I hope he does not do this again when he gets more teeth. Maybe he learned his lesson with one bite, unlike his mother when I was a baby.

A lesson can be learned from this though. It’s always good to learn and grow from your experiences good or bad.

I have a lot more deep thoughts but they will have to wait for another blog. I will leave you to ponder on this lesson first. Check back real soon for more Thoughts from Stacie. 🙂


Ouch! New Tooth!

This evening, I felt Jonathan’s first tooth. I actually felt it earlier today but did not think as much of it until I told Scott about it. So he got out a flashlight and spent a good bit trying to get him to show his new tooth. Then with a cheerful excited voice he says, “Ahh!! Jonathan has a new tooth!”

My response, “Oh boy, Jonathan has a new tooth. A bit early don’t you think?” Which got us discussing our other children. Joshua didn’t have a new tooth until he was right at 1 year old. Ruth was about the same at about 1 year old. Hannah, I thought was early at 9 months old or so. However Jonathan has beat them all with a new tooth at 6 months and 3 weeks old, and yes I still intend to finish nursing him until he is 12 months old. Ahh! I hope this will not be a long 6 months!

Actually, he has been fairly good tempered about it. I would have not known he was getting a tooth if it had not been for all his drooling and my feeling it this afternoon. I’m just not exactly excited about the next 6 months of his tooth scratching me when I feed him. However, I’m sure I’ll get used to it after a month or so. I hope.

Anyway, I thought everyone would be excited to hear about his new tooth. I’ll definitely get a picture as soon as it’s big enough to show when he smiles. Right now you have to actually hold his mouth open to see it. So no pictures yet! But just keep checking back. I’m sure I’ll get some before too long!