The Cat Who Writes

In my latest homeschool co-op creative writing class, I taught my students about perspective. Who better to help me teach perspective than Pooh Hodges, The Cat Who Writes.

When I first introduced Pooh’s blog to my children, Hannah, my 8 year old was a bit skeptical that a cat could write. I explained that he dictates to Mrs. Hodges and that she types for him but Hannah wanted proof. I told Hannah she could ask Pooh how he does it.

Pooh not only answered Hannah’s letter, he featured it on his blog.  You can just click on the words “Hannah’s Letter” to read that post.

Pooh dictates to his typist Pamela Hodges who has her own blog at “i paint. i write.”  In fact that Bold Blue Toilet seat you may have noticed in the side bar of my post is a link to her site as well. When your done checking out Pooh’s blog, you should really check her’s out as well.

I brought our pet fish, Peachy, to co-op and Peachy’s presence really opened up both classes to some great discussions. I had the older class write on their own what they thought Peachy was thinking. The younger class I had tell me what they thought he was thinking. Then we had Peachy write a letter to Pooh. Peachy was in a strange environment and was a bit nervous of his surroundings as you can see in his letter. 2013-04-22 11.12.30

“Dear Pooh,

What’s going on here? I am scared in this strange place.

I am hungry. Thankfully my people brought food for me.

If you were to visit our class, please don’t eat me.

I want to be friends. Will you send me a letter too?

Have you ever eaten a fish? You wouldn’t eat me, right?

Thank you for sharing your story with us.



I hadn’t shared this letter with Pooh yet. You may want to follow his blog to see if he decides to write Peachy back.

Now I want to hear from you. 

Do you understand your pet? Do you find yourself putting words in your pet’s mouth? If you don’t have a pet do you find yourself talking for any other animals?

Please share. I’m curious how many of my friends do that too.

Check out both Pooh’s blog the cat who writes and Pamela’s blog i paint. i write..

And you can find out more about why I have a blue toilet seat on my blog by clicking on this picture.  the blue toilet seat


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Anastacia Maness is a preacher's wife, homeschooling mother of 6 blessings, and writer. When she's not busy counting her blessings she's writing about them right here on her blog, encouraging and strengthening families.

10 Replies to “The Cat Who Writes”

  1. Kathleen Caron

    I am a huge anthropomorphist, if that is a word, in other words, I love to assign human attributes to animals. We often talk for Tink the obnoxious Chi-Westy and poor Maggie, our ancient Lab. Or at least we think for them. Sounds like a really fun coop class for your kids!

  2. Katina Vaselopulos

    Kathleen, Anastasia, the word is anthropomorphous from the Greek “anthropos” (human) and “morphe” (look, countanance)…It means what you said Kathleen “human like” I haven’t seen it with the -ist ending, but that does not mean it does not exist.
    Anastacia, a fun post! Smart to use Pamela’s post and cat. I can imagine how well it must have gone with the children’s class.
    We had a little parakeet for a few years. We were very close to her. She was out most of the day, ate at the table with us, often from my husband’s mouth, sat on our shoulder. We would talk or whistle and she would wistle back. She was so happy that she ovulated in the midle of winter and got so impacted that we took her to the vet very sick. He treated her and told us not to play with her anymore because she felt we were romancing her and her cicles were upset. We had to cover her cage during the dark hours and restrain ourselves, but she finally learn to accept her new life.
    I have told you before, I love how you are having fun with your beautiful children.
    God bless all of you!

    • Anastacia Maness

      Thanks, Katina, for helping us with anthromorphous. I wonder what a person that gives anthromorphous attributes to their pets would be called? I’ve learned a new word. Your parakeet sounds amazing! It would be beautiful to wake up to its singing.

  3. Cash Cow Couple

    Anastacia, I just can’t get into the mind of a furry pet. Perhaps it’s because I don’t own a pet. I’ve certainly enjoyed some literature based on anthropomorphic style. 🙂


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