Don’t Jump!

It’s Friday! Which means… Another Five Minute Friday link up at Lisa Jo’s blog!

I love Five Minute Fridays because I don’t have to do a lot of thinking. Lisa Jo gives us a word prompt and bloggers from all over the world set their timers and write for 5 minutes. No overthinking. No editing. Just free write, link up, and visit your neighbor on the link up page.

Today’s word prompt is “Jump“.


Alright my timer is set.

(I wonder if it counts if I were to pause the timer every time my children interrupt. Hmm…)

Okay. I passed the baby off again. Maybe I can actually start now.


Sometimes it’s good to jump. But there are time… PAUSE…Grrr… My 8 year old just came in asking me questions. I thought I explained the “just 5 minutes” to all of them just now. *sigh*

Okay trying this again.

Resetting my timer because too much went by answering her question and asking her for another 5 minutes.


Sometimes it is good to jump. But there are times when you shouldn’t jump. Sometimes when the going gets tough we just need to stick it out and not jump ship. There have been many times in my life where I think that everything is too much. There must be an easier way. During those times I’ve wanted to hide. That’s the times when it’s important to remember that those problems are only for a season. Don’t jump!

If you jump too soon you may land in a worse situation than you started out in. It reminds me of jumping out of a frying pan and into the fire. You don’t want that. If you stick it out, the fire will eventually be turned off. Maybe even a little water will be added to cool your feet. But whatever you do don’t quit. Don’t jump!



That 5 minutes passed rather quickly. It’s a good thing because my 5 year old just came in the room wanting my attention.

So how about you? Can you think of a time it’s better to stay put and stick it out rather than jump ship and run away? Please share with us in the comments.

Let me know if you are linking up for Five Minute Friday. Oh and please share your link name. I want to visit your post as well. Thanks!
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About Anastacia Maness

Anastacia Maness is a preacher's wife, homeschooling mother of 6 blessings, and writer. When she's not busy counting her blessings she's writing about them right here on her blog, encouraging and strengthening families.

8 Replies to “Don’t Jump!”

  1. Katina Vaselopulos

    For a not-thought out post, this is very good, Anastacia!
    Being patient by nature, I always stick things out; eventually, they turn out well. Lately, it seems the ship gets deeper and deeper, but hey, if it sinks, I am not going down with it. I will float right onto the ocean’s surface and tread water until help comes. Sooner or later, help always comes!
    God bless you and your beautiful family!

    • Anastacia Maness

      Thank you, Katina! The only thing I decided before beginning my post was that I wanted to write some reasons to not jump. 🙂 I’m glad you have the ability to stick it out when things are hard. Keep on floating, my friend!


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