Two’s Company…

This video is of Hannah. She ran into the my parents living room announcing, “I stood on the clock and I weighed 30 feet inches!” So we had to get this video so everyone else could hear her. She is so funny.

We talked to some of our church members and found that electricity is gradually coming back to our area. We were planning to make a short trip there and then come back to my parents, but now we are planning to go ahead and pack up and go back this week. I’m not sure which day. We may have to go a couple of days without electricity but it’s not as bad as two weeks.

My parents have graciously shared their home with us these two weeks. Two weeks is a long visit. Two’s company but eight can be a crowd when your used to two. So I’m sure they will enjoy getting their house and their routine back. I know I’m ready to get back to a routine again. I’m sure it will be quiet around here.

Since we will be going back this week and leaving fast speed internet behind, I will have another blog tomorrow with a few more videos. So check back later on this week for some more cute videos.

For now enjoy the above video and this video of Hannah and Ruth playing on Nana’s piano. You will notice that Hannah is chewing bubble gum in this video. She had bought the gum with her own money that she was saving for a piano like Nana’s. Obviously she has a little ways to go to have saving and spending figured out. Enjoy the videos!


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