Like Mother, Like Son… Ouch, Painful lesson!

My brother and sister would probably remember the stories my dad used to tell of me and my stubborness as a young child. A few days ago, I was reminded of one of these stories through my youngest child.

My father used to tell how mad I would get when they would put me to bed as a baby. He said that one time, I got so mad that I bit myself. Then I was so mad that it hurt, I bit myself again.

Well, my son only bit himself once but it must have been hard enough for him not to want to do it again. The picture above is the perfect tooth marks of his only two teeth in his hand. At first I wasn’t sure what had happened to his hand. I saw the sore on it and thought it was too big for a spider. Then after taking a closer look, I realized that the two marks were the exact position of his bottom two teeth. The reason there are not a matching set above is that he only has the bottom two. So I hope he does not do this again when he gets more teeth. Maybe he learned his lesson with one bite, unlike his mother when I was a baby.

A lesson can be learned from this though. It’s always good to learn and grow from your experiences good or bad.

I have a lot more deep thoughts but they will have to wait for another blog. I will leave you to ponder on this lesson first. Check back real soon for more Thoughts from Stacie. 🙂


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Anastacia Maness is a preacher's wife, homeschooling mother of 6 blessings, and writer. When she's not busy counting her blessings she's writing about them right here on her blog, encouraging and strengthening families.

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